‘Fern Girl’ made her debut at Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary with the amazing Cynthia Corbett Gallery and was very well received! I’m absolutely thrilled that my work caught the connoisseur’s eye at the art fair and was featured in Widewalls Magazine, courtesy of Lisa Morales.  

“Cynthia Corbett Gallery demonstrated thoughtful and compelling curation. While all works were worthy of deliberation, Fern Girl (2022) by Cristina Schek stood out. Schek is a Transylvanian living in London who creates conceptual portraits that explore identity and the nature of representation using literature, films, and art history as inspiration.

The young girl’s eyes lock the viewer in her verdant gaze—call it a plea to protect her. In describing the portrait, Schek said:” Inspired by my love of nature, Fern Girl is a construct of my imagination, a vegetation deity, a Forest Goddess, and emblem of the birth-death-rebirth cycle of the natural year… She speaks to us profoundly in a time of ecological crisis.”