I am Cristina Schek, the photosensitive kind. I think in pictures – my imagination is always in focus. In short, all things visual are part of my DNA.

I’m an event photographer by day and a surrealist by night. These recent years, I’ve become more and more fascinated by making short films. I also feel very passionate about design work. And I love music.

Very much in-love with fine-art photography, portraiture and conceptual photography. I enjoy capturing life as it happens – giving you natural, honest photographs that tell a story and remind you of that time in your life. I’m good at photographing events, parties, concerts, exhibitions, art installations, products, fashion, glamour, commercial and business. I’m also skilled in retouching, photo manipulation and photo processing.

I am based in London.  If you’re looking for unconventional modern-yet-timeless photography, I’m your girl. Get in touch or send me a tweet.

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