Hot Off The Press

I took this photo of Queen Of British Pop Art Deborah Azzopardi on a beautiful sunny day ☀️ just like today. Still have that special sunshine in my soul. Published in The Jewish Chronicle. And what are the chances of having the painting I have modelled for published on the same page? Can you guess?…

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Beauty & the Bard | Editorial Photography

Bask Magazine. Editorial work from our Hampton shoot back in the fall with divine actress Carmela Corbett, who is playing ‘Viola’ in the popular play ‘Shakespeare in Love ‘ based on the screenplay by the American Award-winning film (Jan. 13-Feb. 10). Read article. Make-up by the talented Lindsey Gibbins. Jewellery by Lukie Lowe Jewellery of London-based jeweller and…

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MIX Magazine, Issue 42 | Editorial Photography

Delighted to have some of my photographs published in MIX Magazin, Issue 42. The photos feature a beautiful collaborative research project between Central Saint Martins’ based Anne Marr, TFRC member and BA Textile Design Course Leader and Rebecca Hoyes, Associate Lecturer and researcher. The photos were taken at the University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins. Thank…

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“When managing an on-line magazine, it is of the utmost importance to have good quality imaging services. We at Revista de suspans (Suspense Review) chose Cristina Schek for this task, the photo artist known as Cristofor. She delivered us photographic material for two issues so far, and we’ve been more than satisfied with the finished product. She understood perfectly the concepts we required photos for, she proved a great deal of imagination in dealing with light/shadow, color/absence-of-color in the photographic material we commissioned her for. In fact, after her success with our first issue, we proposed her a separate portfolio for each new future issue.

Therefore we can recommend Cristina Schek, aka Cristofor, as a professional photographer. She is a real asset for any business; that is why we chose her as Suspense Review’s in-house photographer. We urge anyone to do the same. ”

Mircea Pricajan, Suspense Review Magazine

Editorial | Cover Illustrations

My wonderful & creative collaboration with Suspense Review – a monthly eMagazine dedicated to the writers and fans of suspense literature, whose covers and visuals I provide since 2012. Founder Mircea PRICĂJAN (mircea at Editor in Chief  Cezarina NICOLAE (cezarina at Redactor Mihai ADĂSCĂLIȚEI (mihai.adascalitei at Illustrator Cristina SCHEK Permanent collaborators: George ARION ● Rodica…

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