Hot Off The Press

I took this photo of Queen Of British Pop Art Deborah Azzopardi on a beautiful sunny day ☀️ just like today. Still have that special sunshine in my soul. Published in The Jewish Chronicle. And what are the chances of having the painting I have modelled for published on the same page? Can you guess?…

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Beauty & the Bard | Editorial Photography

Bask Magazine. Editorial work from our Hampton shoot back in the fall with divine actress Carmela Corbett, who is playing ‘Viola’ in the popular play ‘Shakespeare in Love ‘ based on the screenplay by the American Award-winning film (Jan. 13-Feb. 10). Read article. Make-up by the talented Lindsey Gibbins. Jewellery by Lukie Lowe Jewellery of London-based jeweller and…

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“Cristina was very professional and lovely to work with. She understood my brief straight away and delivered the look I was trying to capture in my work. She made me feel at ease on a busy and stressful day. I’ve already planned for another photoshoot with Cristina and looking forward to it.” Lindsey Gibbins, Hair & Make-up Artist

“Lo-lee-ta: the tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the palate to tap, at three, on the teeth. Lo. Lee. Ta.”

Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita

Wet Plate | Portraiture

Experimenting with wet plate portraiture, the digital way. When an antique photographic process (discovered in the mid 19th century, used until the 1880s), isn’t quite alive anymore, you play with the legend. ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ Because, I’m an analogue girl, living in a digital world… ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ Join the mailing list. HUZZAH!

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“You can tell Cristina loves doing her job; working with her is an incredible experience as she finds original, different, stunning ways to photograph you, or your event. Constantly striving for creative artistic excellence, Cristina captures the best in every photograph she shoots, dipping into your life – without getting under your feet, to have unforgettable, heart-warming, photographs that make great memories for you. More than a beautiful photograph, Cristina’s work is a magnificent record of an occasion as she becomes your eyes – seeing, recording, and making your today a part of your history. A skilled professional, Cristina achieves the highest quality image that captures your story in remarkably unique, distinctive, head-shot portraits, that’ll make a difference to the success in your world. She’s amazing, she’s the best.” – Estelle Lovatt FRSA

The Starlet | Vintage Glamour Photoshoot

This started as a behind-the-scenes, in-between photoshoots, camera-in-hand-relaxing-mood snappy-snaps with the beautiful and extremely talented mezzo-soprano Gabriella Varvari. Gabriella has definitely got that rare Silver Screen look, the movie star quality. I have the most beautiful memories of that day. Back to Commissioned Work | Fine Art | Love @ First Site | Films | Contact © Cristina Schek

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Deborah Azzopardi ‘Special Limited Edition Coffee Table Book ‘SSHH…’ | Image Editing & Photography

I’ve had the immense honour and joy of working on Deborah Azzopardi’s ‘Special Limited Edition Coffee Table Book ‘SSHH…’, editing the images and taking the artist photographs. The book showcases Deborah Azzopardi’s work over the past 10 years and features more than 100 of her celebrated images, including new work and a selection of the public’s favourite Azzopardi published paintings.

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“Cristina is a very talented artist on the contemporary photography scene, offering a wide range of services from portraits and product photography to fine art conceptual photography. Her pictures are creative and clever, revealing complex meanings the more one looks at her artwork.
From a client’s perspective, Cristina has made me feel at ease during a recent trip to Windsor, her posed and candid portraits together with the creative landscapes capturing very well the feeling of the day.”

Teodora Totorean, Mixed Media Artist, Art Writer and Book Reviewer