Cristina Schek is a self-taught digital artist using conceptual fine-art photography as her main medium. Cristina enjoys telling people that growing up in Transylvania at a time when black and white TV reigned supreme; she used to picture colours and set her own scenes as vivid as her imagination and this explains the use of colour in her work.

She trained as a linguist, and with the move to London, a small tectonic shift happened when she decided to pursued her love for visual arts full-time. She went on to develop her signature Surrealist style and began exhibiting in 2018, when her work ‘Fern Boy’ was awarded First Prize at the Salon des Refusés of artworks refused by the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. The same work was chosen by the Richmond Council as cover artwork for the 20th edition of Richmond Art House Open Studios Festival in 2019 and Cristina’s ‘Lockdown Series’ featured as image of the festival once again at an exhibition held at The Orleans House Gallery in October 2020.

In both medium and metaphor Cristina uses layers of content to tell stories of the wonders seen by her eye, but also those seen only by her imagination. She has taken the conversation further with her art by blurring the boundaries between the known and the mysterious, between reality and fantasy, between objects and their surroundings.

Cristina’s work is available via Leigh Gallery in Hampton Hill, UK.