“They lived in squares and loved in triangles.”- Dorothy Parker

20-30 September 2022
Private View: Wednesday 21 September, 6-8pm

Opening Times:
Monday to Saturday 11am-6pm
Sunday 11am-4pm

Address: Fitzrovia Gallery
139 Whitfield Street, London W1T5EN


Delighted to exhibit a work which takes as your source material Fitzrovia itself. As many already know, Fitzrovia was the centre for London’s Bohemians in the 20s with artists such as Virginia Wolf, Bernard Shaw, Dylan Thomas, Vita Sackville West…. ”who lived in squares and loved in triangles”. Over the centuries Fitzrovia has been suffused with the avant-grade artists (Augustus John, John Constable, Nina Hamnet, Vanessa Bell, Whistler, Walter Sickert, Ford Maddox Brown, Euston Rd School of Artists, Wyndham Lewis), writers (Quintin Crisp, Dylan Thomas, George Orwell, Virginia Wolf, Pauln Verlaine, Arthur Rimbaud, George Bernard Shaw, Ian McEwan), political writers (Thomas Paine, Edmund Burke) musicians (Pink Floyd at the Ufo club, Bob Dylan made his London debut there, Jimi Hendrix played a gig there, Coldplay formed in Ramsay Hall).


First recorded when it was a wild wood back in 1000AD, Fitzrovia was the fertile forest floor from where the creations of many artists could grow tall and strong, reaching up to the sky.

Within this piece, we go back in time to that pure wild wood that will eventually be urbanised and populated by some of the greatest creative minds in history. Within the canopy of the forest, we can see projections of their future imaginations. One such imagination that inspired me in particular is Ian McEwan’s, aka ‘The Magus of Fitzrovia’.