Thrilled to announce that ‘Florence Lightingale’ received The FOCUS ON THE FEMALE Art Created During Lockdown Award.

“Away from the worn-out out-of-date academic portrait of the female muse, Cristina Schek’s attention-grabbing images are inspired by literature and history.

I marvel at her unique quirky portraits of modern life, in interiors brimming with warm comfy chintz and cosy furniture.  But the real clout and muscle comes from the lone woman masked, in her flowing gown, inspiring powerful messages of caution for women today. 

Different to a man’s representation of the female, Schek inspires us to be the victor not the victim.  As a woman, though the lens of her eye, she created a new, unique, visual language influencing and motivating us to be as progressive and visionary as we are.  To be assertive, bold, self-assured powerful, and confident. To develop and enlarge our value(s). 

To think, feminist weight solid enough, in images not just of her, but of you and me, in Schek’s sumptuous, surrealistic, delightful imaginings.” Estelle Lovatt, FRSA  

Florence Lightingale from ‘The Couchsurfing Series’ (made during 2020 London Lockdown) is now on view at the ‘Focus On The Female’ exhibition organised by the amazing Cynthia Corbett Gallery and Young Masters Art Prize – open to the public until 31st October 2021.

Visit the exhibition at 8-10 Queensberry Place, South Kensington, London SW7 2EA.