For nearly two centuries, painting and photography have co-existed. We are used to seeing photographs of painters at work, and there are plenty of paintings of painters painting, but paintings of photography are more unusual. Perhaps the photographers were always in such a rush that they couldn’t wait for the painter to transform their canvas into an image.

HOWEVER…. Tables Turned

Honoured and humbled to have been painted by my favourite artist, Queen of British Pop Art, Deborah Azzopardi, my dear friend❣

Both works are part of a unique solo project curation  by Cynthia Corbett Gallery for the 2021 London Art Fair: Edit in partnership with Artsy, entitled London Art Fair: In Art We Trust! dedicated to the British Pop art icon Deborah Azzopardi. Running 20-31 January 2021 the on-line exhibition is showcasing iconic limited edition prints, original artworks not yet presented at the fair, as well as several new paintings.

I Spy With My Little Eye’ is a rhyme used in the children’s guessing games to indicate what it is that is being looked at. In this painting the pretty lady is peeking out between her fingers. Is she playful or could she simply be thoughtful? The placement of her fingers allows us to peer into her eyes and make our own interpretation. Are we looking at her or is she looking at us?

My model for ‘I Spy With My Little Eye’ is my official photographer, Cristina, and I wanted to switch the camera lens on her, just for fun! The person who has photographed me the most in my career is immortalised forever in this painting.” Deborah Azzopardi


The videos are part of a Tea-o’clock Zoom with Deborah Azzopardi and gallerist Cynthia Corbett. Follow this link to see the entire in conversation.
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