Fusing the real with the surreal permeating the everyday life in isolation with a sense of mystery. Or, doing my travelling in between my ears.


Florence Lightingale

A Tribute To ‘The Lady With The Lamp’, Florence Nightingale.

“Compositionally lyrical, Cristina’s figure is in complete harmony with the surrounding objects and in the interior space(s) that’s beautifully coloured; like a jewellery box of precious stones caught under a glinting flash of light. As the objects seem to naturally live in rhythm, as within the curves of clouds, thrashing sea waves, and dancers in-time. Submitting to subtle touches of humour, waiting, to surprise you; the clues are there for you to discover like forgotten treasure in an island, if you take the time to dig. For me, the tiny toes poking out from underneath the ‘Light Woman’ give that extra dimension and depth.”

Estelle Lovatt, FRSA

On Vacation, June 2020

Featured on the official invites and publicity material for Orleans House Gallery’s ‘ART UNLOCKED’ in October 2020.


Inspired by Vladimir Tretchikoff’s portrait Chinese Girl, often referred to as The Green Lady.

The first prints of Tretchikoff’s Chinese Girl became available in Britain in 1956. They became incredibly popular because “they matched people’s expectations of the exotic,” suggests Boris Gorelik, Tretchikoff’s biographer. “In the 1950s and ’60s, people wanted to travel to foreign lands. Like rock musicians, who have a certain period when what they do matches popular taste – this is what happened with Tretchikoff. ” (The Independent)

Girl With A Babylonian Earring

Inspired by Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring.