Delighted to release this new Series ‘La Vie En Roses’ at Leigh Gallery UK. 

This series was created the day I built a big kaleidoscope to photograph through. Mainly intended for portraits, the kaleidoscope was first tested on the beautiful English roses in my garden, which were later transformed into these supernatural versions of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks Blue Roses you see below. ⠀

Looking for the tension between shadow and highlight, my latest work bears reference to my study of Old Masters such as the Italian artist Michelangelo Caravaggio and the Dutch artist Rembrandt.

Characterised by harmony and rich contrasts of colour and texture, ‘La Vie En Roses’ Series is inspired by the theme of vanitas, my still life compositions being viewed as contemplations on the transitory nature of life.

The surreal twist in my work comes from the choice of titles pointing at the contemporary Hollywood cinema and such fantasy masterpieces as David Lynch‘s ‘Twin Peaks’ and Woody Allen’s ‘The Purple Rose of Cairo’.

Since there is no such thing as a blue rose in nature, it is the symbol of the ultimate mystery which cannot be rationally or scientifically explained, the ‘supernatural’ Twin Peaks case, which I chose to portray in the supernatural light/mood of Caravaggio.

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