Can you hear a photo? See a sound?

Delighted to have captured ‘The sounds & the colours of music’ with the brilliant pianist and composer Nicolae Mihaila. A project very dear to me, this series was created having as backdrop The Lightwall pedestrian tunnel at King’s Cross St Pancras station in London. A place that’s both visually exciting, as well as practical.

The Lightwall, one of Europe’s longest, is the main focus of the tunnel and is made up of LED lights. The 90 metre long tunnel also curves ever so slightly so that it is just possible to avoid seeing the exit at the far end as you enter. To enable an effect of seamless lighting running the length of the tunnel, the lights have been manufactured and installed behind a jointed glass wall. The LED lights themselves are capable of emanating the full RGB spectrum and also a white light spectrum from 3.0K to 6.0K, creating a subtle and beautiful moving light show with no shadow lines. A truly inspiring art-wall! After all, there can’t be many railway stations to have an entrance that looks like it came off the set of a sci-fi movie.