It’s been a couple of days feeling like writing on the sand with the wind blowing, having to postpone the making of the cover until the very last minute, but here it is [Trumpets blowing!]:

The new cover design for Suspense Review Magazine, Issue 25/April 2016 is here!

If wondering where this image came from, I’d have to say it has a name: Bilquis.

The Bilquis character in Neil Gaiman’s ‘American Gods’; Bilquis who was the legendary Queen of Sheba. When Bilquis entered the stage (*I was listening to my audibles as I always do while editing), I was hooked on her voice and my mind began to race for images of how to make her voice come into some sort of a 2D physical shape. I’ve taken some liberties, though – Bilquis is not supposed to be Indian.

(*) The 10th Anniversary Edition of the book is a real treat with author’s preferred text and a full cast of characters. Trust me, when Bilquis will start talking, you’ll know it’s her. And now, go read RS25!

Suspense Review Magazine Issue 25 April, cover design by Cristina Schek ( Suspense Review Magazine 25, Images, facebook brading by Cristina Schek (

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