Music & lyrics by Noris 

Life is a miracle,
Not a problem to solve
Our body’s just physical
But inside there’s a bright light, there is soul
Oh, it’s so beautiful

Life is a mystery
Not a puzzle to solve
We all have a history
We just need to learn how to let go
Be alive, let it flow

Miracle by day
Miracle by night
Sacred as an angel’s soul
Miracle you see in the eyes of a child
Just believe in miracle

Who knows what the future brings
What’s in store for you and me
Happiness eternal springs
Believe in universal harmony
It’s the only way to be free

Life is a miracle,
It surrounds us everywhere
We don’t need to be critical
Why the need always to compare?
When there’s so much love to share

Life is a miracle
We don’t need to analyse
Sometimes unpredictable
Tell me, please: what’s the big surprise?
Play by ear, just improvise.
Mmm, mmmmmmm…